Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Mixed media place , the lost layout for December moodboard

The colors in the middle picture from the moodboard inspired me .
After the 1st Januari I feel spring coming up. 
I know it takes a long time still, but I feel it will come again.

Working on my blog I was so stupid to remove the post with my challenge layout.
So here it is again, now I will not touch the post anymore :) 
The moodboard from Mixed Media Place


Tuesday, January 29, 2019


I find it hard to scrap masculine layouts, but we cant forget about the men in our lives.
I have a lot of  them, so many layouts are masculine.
No flowers or feminin details and embellishments makes it harder.
But sometimes it is nice to leave all the sweetness away .

I was inspired by the 7 dots Studio Januari moodboard .
Especially the colors
And used a lot of their products on this layout.
Paper, stamps etc.

The moodboard:


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Goals and journaling

Doelen (goals) , this year no goals I have to get.
I looked at my youngest grandson and thought about goals .
Do very little children have goals? 
They reach new goals every day, but they dont make them for theirselves.
Thats a nice thought , and my idea for this year.
My journaling is in Dutch , but it is about that what I just wrote here.

I added many layers, but managed to keep the page very flat.
I dont want to many bulky pages in the albums.
I had so much fun making this layout, I missed scrapbooking .
I really want to try and make some pages now and than.

I used the moodbaord from More than Words 


Saturday, January 5, 2019


Love to make collages......clean and fun to do inbetween other things

Tupac Shakur

I get a lot of questions to make posters like this.
I take a good poster, add clear gesso on both sides.
It makes the poster look matt.
Than I take modeling paste , mix in sand or color or both.
And just spread it random .
It gives a grunch feeling .

Altered notebook